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Fame Reward + (FRP) is the special and unique community driven token to reward the users of Fame Infinity ecosystem . All crypto lovers and enthusiasts have shown tremendous interests in Fame Infinity platforms since the beginning because of its promising future and we appreciate their overwhelming response.

For an ecosystem to have sustainability, it must have an economy and for the economy to work, it needs to be supported and held together by a currency. As far as Fame Infinity ecosystem is concerned, its economy is guided and supported by two cryptocurrencies — first and foremost is FAME token ($ Fame) and second of course is Fame Reward + ($FRP) reward token.


FAME will serve as the ultimate multi-utility token that will be used across all Fame Infinity digital platforms to build a decentralised community driven virtual economy. On the other hand Fame Reward + ( FRP) is the in-ecosystem digital currency of the Fame Infinity . It helps and enables the users of the ecosystem to earn rewards by doing several activities on our platforms. . At the same time , this can also be traded on supported cryptocurrency exchanges which will facilitate the bigger market access to this in-ecosystem token .

Fame Reward + (FRP) is absolutely a community driven and focussed DeFi token that will compliment and expand Fame Infinity ecosystem . FRP promotes and supports decentralized, value-driven system scaling communities by rewarding those that build and participate in them.

FRP can only be earned in the form of rewards by users of Fame Infinity platform by participating in various activities within Fame Infinity ecosystem. The amount of FRP tokens users will earn/accumulate will solely depend on their performances. This kind of arrangement will inspire users to be a part of this amazing ecosystem to earn FRP tokens.

Nevertheless, earning FRP tokens can be challenging for some users due to certain factors. Those users who find it difficult to earn FRP as rewards, can buy and own FRP tokens from other users at different crypto exchanges.

Monetising through Fame Infinity ecosystem is manifold and super simple. Earning, holding and trading FRP tokens is one of several ways to make money in a risk free manner in Fame Infinity ecosystem.

FRP aims to derive different kinds of benefits for its users.

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Fame Reward + (FRP) inherits and develops the Blockchian technology platform, with open source P2P accelerates all transactions quickly, minimize risk, enhances high securities, and does not involve any third parties.