Fame Reward +

Fame Reward +

Fame Reward + (FRP) is the special and unique community driven token to reward the users of Fame Infinity ecosystem. All crypto lovers and enthusiasts have shown tremendous interests in Fame Infinity platforms since the beginning because of its promising future and we appreciate their overwhelming response.

For an ecosystem to have sustainability, it must have an economy and for the economy to work, it needs to be supported and held together by a currency. As far as Fame Infinity ecosystem is concerned

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Base on BSC

Powered with Binance Smart chain technology exactly as programmed without any chance of fraud, censorship or third-party interference.

Next Generation

Ecosystem with AI based transparent monitoring the overall protocol and its performance.

The Goal

Fame Reward+ will be the Simple and powerful community-driven reward token for the entire Fame Ecosystem.

Audit Report

Investing in Fame Reward +

Fame Reward + is designed with the end user in mind.

At our core we built Fame Reward + to be safe, easy to use and one of the most trusted lending platforms in the industry. Our only mission is to reach the highest peak in cryptocurrency which is not an easy goal, but through our product and advisors we will reach the expected goal.


Fame Reward + is a reward token which are easy to track and chart the users daily action.

Truly Anonymous

Fame Reward + is often described as an anonymous currency because it is possible to send and receive data without giving any personally identifying information.


Fame Reward + is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security and is difficult to counterfeit because of this security feature.

Binance Smart Chain

Fame Reward + is built on BNB smart chain for fast, secure, and low cost transactions.



Symbol: FRP
Chain: BEP-20
Total Supply: 1,000,000 (One Million Only)

FRP Listed On

Fame Infinity Ecosystem


FameNet : AI driven Influencer Marketing Platform

FameNet is a leading AI driven Influencer marketing agency. We understand your brand thoroughly by discovering the right influencer for your marketing campaign, and connect the right brands with the right influencers. Fame token can be used to obtain access to the FameNet advanced influencer analytics and other services for brands/agencies.

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FameVerse : MetaVerse GameFi platform

FameVerse Games promotes game incubation and distribution, builds META entertainment metaverse with a variety of games, and creates a new blockchain game financial system, making games financial system, making games not only interesting and fun, but also profitable! FameVerse Games will be an innovative and open metaverse play2earn gaming platform built on the FAME token reward system.

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FameMultiplex : OTT Platform

FameMultiplex is implementing blockchain and artificial intelligence to restructure the video streaming platform architecture. By focusing on building a user - centric video streaming platform, FameMultiplex aims to solve the problems in the video streaming industry.Viewer or users will pay FAME token to use/watch premium video content of FameMultiplex.

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FameVPN: Global VPN Service

The Fame network enables a decentralized virtual private network (VPN), allowing users to buy bandwidth from a global pool of service providers. Our initial focus on affordable high bandwidth, low latency routing currently limits FameVPN’s ability to defend against the most sophisticated theoretical traffic analysis attacks. To do this, FameVPN uses our BEP-20 token FAME, a new VPN protocol for token-incentivized bandwidth proxying, and smart-contracts with algorithmic advertising and payment functions.

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FameBox : Smart and secure hardware wallet

FameBox is a decentralized, offline, open- sourced hardware wallet that enables advanced security features including but not limited to multi-sig, Passphrase, etc. FameBox will be build with advanced security schemes, self-destruct mechanism and more.Also incorporated air-gapped signing mechanism. User can paired and managed through the FameBox App, born to be desktop & mobile-friendly.

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FameLook : A decentralised social media platform

FameLook is a decentralised, secure, open, and community-run digital social media marketplace dedicated to the growth, development and adoption of the our social media network in a way that community decides themselves. FameLook also brings the possibility of social finance (SocialFi). Social influence on these networks is tokenized through FAME token using which users can get direct monetary benefits from being influential figures on our platform. 

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FameMail : A decentralised email service platform

FameMail core objective is to offer a decentralised email solution platform which is on a mission to protect digital rights of email users and preventing email attacks in decentralised way.

FAME will be used as a utility payment token on this platform to avail various services of FameMail.

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FameLiv : An open source online news and media platform

FameLiv is an open source decentralised and democratic  online news network  and media platform designed to amplify the impact of journalism code and the community of developers, designers, journalists, and editors who make it. FAME— our Ecosystem token will be used to incentivise users for co-operation and content creation on our platform. FAME token with low cost transaction fee would be utilised as a payment method for subscription of our several media products.

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FameSwap: A First Mover DEX built on the Binance Blockchain

FameSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform built on the Binance Blockchain that aims to address existing issues in the blockchain community and take trading to new frontiers. Users are also able to earn $FAME by simply locking their LP tokens into a smart contract. This creates an incentive for users that will address the risk of impermanent losses that is integral to providing liquidity in a DEX. Likewise, users also have the option of staking their tokens which provides an easier way to make their tokens grow.

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FameVIP : The smartest and seamless platform to discover, appoint and work with video influencers

FameVIP is basically a video content based digital marketplace that connects brands with influencers for endorsing products and services. Being a performance-based platform, we use visual storytelling to drive conversation and inspire consumers for worthwhile purchases. As the category leader, we use our expertise to accelerate the transition from social content to purchase intent, delivering authentic messaging that helps consumers find the products and services they want.

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FameBot : The world's most advanced automated crypto trade bots

Famebot is the world’s most advanced, highly innovative and cutting edge automated crypto trading bot. Our AI driven crypto trading bots help users/traders to save time, trade round the clock 24/7 by connecting to their favourite exchanges and start trading automatically.

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Nowadays the majority of shopping all around the world occurs online using e-commerce companies. E-commerce companies rely on the Internet and electronic payment methods to conduct transactions, such as the buying and selling of goods or services.

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Fame Reward Plus Price Prediction

If you are looking for Fame reward plus price prediction/ forecast for coming months and want to know how much will be the the price of FRP in future? Here is the answer.

Based on past price analysis , our crypto experts and analysts are very bullish about FRP because of its utility and demands. These predictions are indications or suggestion of some market experts/analysts. Please do your own research before buying FRP tokens.

Fame Reward Plus (FRP) Price Prediction 2022

Month Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price Remark
September 2022 $5.00 $8.00 $9.00
October 2022 $9.00 $10.00 $13.00
November 2022 $17.00 $20.00 $23.00
December 2022 $25.00 $28.00 $32.00

Fame Reward Plus (FRP) Price Prediction 2023

Month Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price Remark
January 2023 $34.00 $38.00 $40.00
February 2023 $43.00 $46.00 $49.00
March 2023 $51.00 $54.00 $57.00
April 2023 $59.00 $62.00 $65.00
May 2023 $67.00 $70.00 $74.00
June 2023 $76.00 $80.00 $84.00
July 2023 $86.00 $90.00 $94.00
August 2023 $98.00 $102.00 $106.00
September 2023 $108.00 $111.00 $115.00
October 2023 $118.00 $122.00 $126.00
November 2023 $129.00 $134.00 $138.00
December 2023 $142.00 $146.00 $150.00

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Fame Reward + inherits and develops the Blockchian technology platform, with open source P2P accelerates all transactions quickly, minimize risk, enhances high securities, and does not involve any third parties.

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